Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP)

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs awarded the Town of Provincetown a planning grant of $27,500.00 through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program to complete a community resiliency planning process that will examine the Town’s vulnerabilities and strengths and identify priority actions to build resilience to climate change. Once Provincetown has completed the community resiliency planning process, the Town will be certified as an “MVP community” and become eligible for potential future grant funding for MVP-certified communities to implement our resiliency plans.

The Community Resilience Building Workshop on March 15th at the Center for Coastal Studies was a great success.   This crucial step put Provincetown on the path towards the MVP certification.  Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in this event.   

As a follow up to the workshop, as well as for those who were unable to attend, please see links below to the power point presentation from Woodard and Curran, the plans listed in the presentation, the Inundations Pathway report from Mark Borrelli of the Center for Coastal Studies, and the Shifting Sands of Provincetown seminar from Greg Berman of the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. 

During the workshop, the Council on Aging provided information how to sign up for Special Assistance during an Emergency Event.  A links to this form is listed below.

Lastly, please see the video from the listening sessions offered to the public on April 11th providing an overview of the work done during the March 15th forum. 

A great deal of gratitude goes out to Tim Famulare and the MVP team for putting this information together.  

-Woodard and Curran PowerPoint Presentation Opening Presentation (PDF)

 -Woodard and Curran Provincetown Background Presentation (PDF)

 -Inundations Pathways by Mark Borrelli of the Center for Coastal Studies (PDF)

 -Shifting Sands of Provincetown by Greg Berman of the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension (PDF)

-2018 Provincetown Harbor Management Plan Amendment(PDF)

-2016 Provincetown Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF)

-2016 Coastal Resiliency Report (PDF)

-Provincetown Housing Playbook (PDF)

-Town of Provincetown Open Space and Recreation Plan (PDF)

-Special Assistance Information Form (PDF)

-Community Resilience Listening Session, Part I (Video)

-Community Resilience Listening Session, Part II (Video)