Economic Development Reports

The Town of Provincetown embarked on an economic development strategic planning process in 2018 led by Camoin Associates. Following data research and analysis, interviews, numerous forums and focus groups were conducted engaging the community in the discussion. Prevailing themes emerged including the Blue Economy, Tourism, Education, Conference Center, Arts & Culture, and Housing. Key points include: 

  • The current housing situation is putting extreme pressure on the business & resident community as rental units are converted to condominiums and short-term rentals.
  • Creating a more vibrant shoulder season economy will result in a more sustainable economy.
  • Provincetown has significant number of assets that can be built upon to support economic sustainability.
  • Permitting, regulations, and infrastructure constraints  limit economic development potential.

The five-overarching goals identified through this planning process include:

  • Goal 1: Build & support entrepreneurship in Provincetown's Blue Economy
  • Goal 2: Promote collaboration among Provincetown's tourism, education, culture, arts, and recreation assets.
  • Goal 3: Expand the housing options in Provincetown through innovative programs and land use policies.
  • Goal 4: Address Provincetown's critical issues through consensus building and new financing models.
  • Goal 5: Align infrastructure investments to community goals.

The final reports were presented in July 2019. 

The Community Development Action Plan  

Town of Provincetown Housing Strategies

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