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Massachusetts Department of Public Health tests for EEE and WNV from June to October.

8/30/22: MA DPH reported the first WNV human case of 2022, a woman in her 70s with encephalitis.  Additionally, MDPH reports 54 WNV positive mosquito samples from Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk and Worcester Counties. WNV risk levels have been increased to moderate for communities in Dukes, Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk Counties. Check your risk levels  throughout the season by visiting our interactive site 

Regional drought and above average temperatures has reduced populations of EEE mosquito vectors while supporting increased populations of WNV vectors. Intense local precipitation events may increase some vector species. Avoid mosquito bites by using EPA approved repellents, appropriate clothing and avoiding peak mosquito activity between dusk and dawn. Remove standing water by emptying containers and tarps.

Arbovirus Screening WE 8.27.22

7/25/22One sample of  mosquitoes collected on Joint Base Cape Cod tested positive for West Nile Virus (WNV).  Testing is only positive or negative, so we do not know how many mosquitoes in the sample batch were positive.  Cape Cod Mosquito Control crews have been out treating catch basins across the Cape this week.  It's been dry, but there's a lot of folks using sprinklers to water their lawn and unfortunately some of that water ends up on the road then in the storm drains.

This is the first mosquito sample collected in Barnstable County to test positive for arbovirus this year.  The risk level for transmission of arbovirus remains low throughout Massachusetts.

Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is a growing risk in Southeastern Massachusetts this summer, and the Provincetown Health Department encourages people to take steps to avoid mosquito bites. EEE is a rare but serious and potentially fatal disease that can affect people of all ages. 

Last year, on Aug. 3, DPH reported the first human case of EEE, in neighboring Plymouth County. Last year there were a total of 12 human cases in Massachusetts, and EEE was found in mosquito samples in both Truro and Wellfleet. 

All residents are urged to use repellent when outdoors, drain standing water where mosquitoes breed, and repair screens in doors and windows.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions advice from Mass DPH and here for a Public Health Fact Sheet about mosquito repellents. 

From the Provincetown Health Department:

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