Filming in Provincetown

Film, Videography, Photography, and Droning companies and productions may be permitted to use property under the control of the Town of Provincetown for approved projects.

The Tourism Department is the initial contact for all filming and photography projects, and is responsible for managing requests.

Provincetown has long been a highly-sought after location for commercial film, video, and photography companies. The Town of Provincetown supports these industries and encourages their use of the Town. It is recognized that these industries can provide both direct and indirect economic benefits to the Town.

Due to the Town’s size, location, historical significance, fragile natural resources, and seasonal tourist demands, such activity requires regulation to ensure to minimize any impacts on vehicle and pedestrian traffic, ensure the safety of bystanders, keep the crews protected, and make certain the least possible disruption to the community.

All commercial film, videography, photography, and droning requests must be approved prior to commencing work on site in Town. This policy is administered by Town Administration on behalf of the Select Board. Required fees and ancillary permits associated with the production must be approved prior to filming.

Please read the Film, Videography, Photography, and Droning Policy and Application for all rules and regulations. The application is attached to the Policy. You can email the application to  Questions? Call the Provincetown Office of Tourism at (508) 487-3298.