Pickleball in Provincetown

free-pickleball-clipart-2Rules and Regulations of Pickleball in Provincetown: 

Rules and Regulations of Pickleball Play differ based on court(s). Please look below for the court and the rules/regulations for that specific location.  

West End Courts: Nickerson St. 


**Pickleball Play permitted during these hours ONLY.**

Monday , Wednesday , Friday and Sunday 9AM-1PM 

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 3PM-7PM

Rules of Community Play: 

-Players must play whomever is playing at the courts.

-Players will put their paddle in the paddle holder to get in line.

-2-3 players will come off the court when their game is finished.   

-The next paddles in line go and play on the court with the remaining   players. 

-Winners stay , losing team comes off. However once you have played twice regardless of who won, you must come off. 

During Community Play time periods, only pickleball is 


 -All other sports and activities may use the courts outside of the designated community play hours listed above. 

Motta Field Courts: 25 Winslow St. 

Currently, Motta Field has four available lined pickleball courts, however, this space is shared with Tennis.

**Pickleball Play permitted during these hours ONLY.**

Monday , Wednesday , Friday and Sunday 1PM-5PM 

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9AM-1PM

VMCC Court: 2 Mayflower St. 

The Veteran's Memorial Community Center Court consists of one lined pickleball court. There is NO net provided. The VMCC court consists of Open Play pickleball which entails the following:  

Hours: Pickleball is not permitted during school hours Monday thru Friday 8am-3:15pm. 

Pickleball can be played: 

Monday thru Friday 3:15PM until dusk 

Saturday & Sunday 8AM until dusk.

-First Come First serve for 1.5 hour increments. Allowing both basketball players and pickleball players to use the space.

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