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Provincetown Sewer Modernization & Sewer Expansion Plan

This proposed project will upgrade the Town's existing vacuum sewer system and make sewer service available to all properties in Provincetown. This is a long-term solution in order to protect public health, our environment, and provide coastal resiliency for decades to come.

Please review the information below, view the presentation from the September 13, 2022 Public Forum, contact DPW with any questions, and vote for the sewer articles needed to support this project at Special Town Meeting on November 9, 2022.

Key Take-Aways from the Plan:

  1. The Modernization Plan will update the Central Vacuum System and make it more resilient, dependable, and minimize down-time with power outages.
  2. Final Expansion Plan will extend gravity sewers to the remainder of the town.
  3. On-site systems are not the future of waster water management in Provincetown - Title 5 changes will require larger tanks, more disposal area, etc. and may require expensive de-nitrification systems.
  4. There are approximately 420 pre-code system located throughout town (105 cesspools, 75 sub-standard, 240 older on-site systems).
  5. There are unprecedented funding sources currently available (ARPA, BI Law).
  6. Climate change-related sea level and groundwater rise with more severe storms will significantly impact on-site systems that are not resilient to high groundwater/flooding.
  7. Connection costs are very property-specific and can vary widely because of elevation, landscaping, and hardscaping.
  8. A small number of properties will require grinder pumps - less than 10% of properties.
  9. Additional affordable and workforce housing expansion and economic development depend on expanding our sewer system.
  10. Provincetown is ahead of other towns with wastewater management and should finish the job now while significant grants are available to reduce the cost to the Town and individual property owners.

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Sewer Emergency Number

For all sewer-related emergencies, please call this number (508) 487-5474.

Sewer Regulations 

View the file (PDF).

Adopted by the Water & Sewer Board

Sewer Planning - Latest Update (9/13/2021)

View latest sewer planning report (PDF)

Connection Rate Increase–Red Dot Properties
On July 12, 2007, the Provincetown Water and Sewer Board held a public hearing and voted, pursuant to MGL c. 83, §16, to increase the connection surcharge rate from the current rate of $39.08/gallon of Title 5 flow to $45.00/gallon. On August 27, 2007 the Provincetown Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL c. 40, §22F, to approve the recommendation of the Water and Sewer Board effective November 1, 2007. This rate change affects only those Red Properties who have not connected to the sewer and who have not voluntarily begun paying a sewer connection surcharge. Red properties who connect to the sewer—or who agree to be assessed a connection surcharge—prior to November 1, 2007 shall be assessed at the current rate. Connections and requests for assessment of a sewer connection surcharge after November 1, 2007 shall be at the new rate. Inquiries may be directed to the Department of Public Works.

Elderly Low-Income Sewer Exemption

Effective April 15, 2016, the Provincetown Water and Sewer Board adopted an exemption equal to one-half of the charges for sewer service per billing cycle for those elderly low-income ratepayers who meet the requirements for a Clause 41C real estate tax exemption, as administered by the Board of Assessors. Contact the Board of Assessors for further details.

Provincetown Sewer system special acts of the Legislature
Sewer district authorizationC. 157, St. 2000
Sewer design/build/operate authorizationC. 191, St. 2000
Sewer bettermentsC. 204, St. 2002
19.125% of local room tax for wastewater enterprise fundC. 391, St. 1998


NameCompany NameMailing AddressPhoneEmail
Gregory F. MorrisGFM Enterprises, Inc.PO Box 1439, South Dennis, MA 02660(508)
Christopher W. OurRobert B. Our Company, Inc.PO Box 1539, Harwich, MA 02645(508)
James J. Roderick JrJames J. Roderick, Inc.PO Box 637, Provincetown, MA 02657(508)
James W. SilvaCape Cod Excavating, Inc.PO Box 71, Provincetown, MA 02657(508)
Arthur ReisArthur Reis LandscapingPO Box 1557, Provincetown MA
Ethan PoulinEthan Poulin Inc.PO Box 263 N. Truro MA
Ryan SchmidtSchmidt Site WorkPO Box 744, North Truro MA