Chapter 91 Information

State Chapter 91 Permits Issued

Chapter 91 license files in Provincetown according to street address (PDF)

About Chapter 91: "The oldest program of its kind in the nation, Chapter 91 regulates activities on both coastal and inland waterways, including construction, dredging and filling in tidelands, great ponds and certain rivers and streams. Through Chapter 91, the Commonwealth seeks to preserve and protect the rights of the public, and to guarantee that private uses of tidelands and waterways serve a proper public purpose."

-from "Chapter 91, The Massachusetts Public Waterfront Act," Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

The Harbor Committee had a manual created to assist the public, property owners, and committee members in understanding this important benefit. Chapter 91 Training and Resource Manual This is a guidance document and the information contained in the manual is not a substitute for Chapter 91 and the regulations at 310 CMR 9.00. Any questions about Chapter 91 should be directed to the Waterways Program at 

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has provided the Town of Provincetown with a digitation of the Historic Mean High Water Line in six slides. This link provides more information on the presumptive Historic Mean High Water line.

This information is based on a preliminary assessment of Chapter 91 records by a consultant and has not been reviewed and/or verified by the Chapter 91 Program staff. Representations in this table such as license is "Current and Valid" may not be relied on as factual. Any questions relating to the validity of any license or status of any property, fill, or structure relative to Chapter 91 should be directed to the Waterways Program  please contact DEP.

The presence of any chapter 91 license posted on this website is not an indication that it is valid or in effect. The status of compliance/non-compliance or valid/not valid can change at any time and can only be confirmed by DEP Waterways Program. Contact DEP for current information regarding questions for any license posted on this website.